Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mo sent me a new poem for Valentine's Day...due to the hormones and how much I love the little guy (and Steve!), I sat at my desk and cried! FYI...we do not know the gender of the baby yet.

    Dis is Moses.  Dad brote me to werk with him so i could send you mi pome for Valentimes Dae.  I no you wer mad when i was scratching at the carpit this past wek but i was trying to writ out my pome.  But u cliped mi claws so it didnt werk.  Anyway, her is mi pome.

To the best Mom on Valentimes Dae:

Mom, you smell nice
i like when u feed me human fud (not rice)
I lik it when you let me bake in frunt of the heeter
no udder mom culd ever be sweeter
You always take good care of me fo sho
witch is why I know youll be a good mom to my little bro

I know you think Ill be jealous when i become a big brother
but the truth is i culdnt be excited more
Cuz i can teach him when hes older
to opin the tall pantry door

then ill be in cat snax heaven
and ill eat till i puke
but i know u wont get too mad at me
even if u may rebuke (i dont no what that meens-dad told me to rite it)

I think ur rel pretty
and the best mom in da werld
Dad and i r sure lucky to have you
thanks fer being r girl

I luv u.....

12 weeks!

Friday, January 25, 2013

I was excited to hit twelve weeks because I feel like it's a milestone...at least that's what most of the books and websites say. I was free of throwing up for almost 10 days! And then, it hit again this weekend. I don't know if it's because I'm tired, not sleeping well, still having major aversions to food, or something else, but I cannot keep much down again. I couldn't even think about eating my lunch today. I threw up when I got home from school and felt a good bit better!

We stopped for coffee this morning, and I think they gave me caffeinated instead of decaf. My body did not respond well to that since I have not been consuming hardly any caffeine. I felt clammy and nauseous...it could just be exhaustion though! I am thankful for the two-hour delays and early dismissal that we've had because they have allowed me to rest, but it just never seems like enough. People (that's such a loose term right now!) have been telling me that the energy will return and the nausea will subside, but I don't know who I believe!

We've been telling friends and more family about the pregnancy, and it's been going pretty well. I feel bad telling friends who've been trying awhile because we know what that feels like when other people used to announce their own; it's not that you aren't thrilled for them, but it is difficult to be so excited when you aren't pregnant yet. I hope we've been respectful of that for others. There are just so many people we want to tell, and I don't want to miss anyone!

It's a bit weird at the moment because I've lost a ton of weight (even though it doesn't look like it!), but some of my other weight has shifted to the front...go figure! All of my regular clothes still fit, but some of my pants feel a bit tight by the end of the day. I ordered a bunch of maternity clothes on sale from JCPenny and Old Navy, and none of them fit yet. The maternity pants are SO comfortable though, so I am looking forward to wearing those! I still need a few more pieces for work, plus some bras and underwear, but I think I have some great options for the second trimester.

Those are some of the "highlights" for now. Hopefully, in the next two weeks I'll have good news that this nausea has diminished or disappeared!

Welcome 2013!

Friday, January 18, 2013:

Morning sickness is a misnomer! It’s more like all freaking day sickness! I have not posted much in awhile because I have been throwing up, going to work and throwing up there, coming home and sometimes throwing up more, taking a nap, being woken up to eat dinner, and going back to sleep. Repeat! It’s like that movie Groundhog Day!

We have had multiple appointments at the OB and multiple tests done already. Thankfully, we haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary, and everyone tells me my vomiting is normal. Vomiting is not normal, but I guess in this context it is permissible and I have done my best to handle it.

We had our first ultrasound at week 9 and saw little Baby A. Thankfully, there was just one in there! Although we didn’t get to hear the heartbeat, we did get to see it; everything measured fine and the appointment was fabulous! I think we’ll get to hear it at the next appointment in February. 
backside, bottom: head, top: butt
 We are now at week 11 and I do not want to jinx it, but I have been vomit-free for 5 days! I feel like Ted from How I Met Your Mother (vomit-free since ’93!). The weekend before was terrible and I spent almost all of it throwing up. None of the home remedies that people have told me or that I have found online have truly worked. The only two things that seem to work for me are drinking lemonade and chewing gum. I now chew gum ALL DAY LONG! I rarely chew gum anymore because it makes my jaw hurt and usually causes headaches. I don’t care! I would rather have a headache than vomit! I love how most websites and doctors have no idea why women get morning sickness. Really? We don’t have any money in the medical budgets to figure that one out and get some solutions that work??? Half of our world is women that will most likely be with child at one point in their lives. I think fifty percent of the world is enough to constitute a medical or research study.

We have told all immediate family now and some coworkers. We are starting to tell friends as we see them, especially ones that we do not want to find out via Facebook or email. It’s going to be difficult to try to see all of these people before we make it public, so we are sorry if we don’t get to you before and you are offended! Our coworkers have been amazing, and I especially could not have made it through these last few weeks without them.

I am ready for some of my energy to return so that I can actually make dinner again. It would also be nice if my appetite returned a bit so that I can stop eating super nutritious food like ramen noodles and bagel bites! Nothing ever sounds good, especially for dinner! Current aversions include coffee, hot beverages in general, all meat, vegetables (especially salad), some fruits, and occasionally, milk. Current tolerable foods are ramen noodles, bagel bites, soft pretzels, strawberry Cliff fruit rope, organic string cheese, and Annie’s five grain mac and cheese. Can we say carbo load? Oh well, I lost a bunch of weight since Christmas, so I suppose it’s okay.

My wonderful husband has been even more AMAZING! He brought a table upstairs next to my nightstand and created me a pregnancy station with snacks, morning sickness pops, lotion, my kindle, and other things that were cluttering the floor next to our bed. It’s like my little oasis now! I cannot tell you the last time I’ve made dinner either…probably before we left for Disney World in early December. He’s been doing all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry, cat duties, and even going upstairs with me at 7:30/8PM when I’m ready for bed. He even filled the car with plastic grocery bags and paper towels so that we’d both be ready when I threw up! Now, that’s love!

Stay tuned for more fun (hopefully, vomit-free) and what we pray will continue to be positive news!

Merry Christmas Break

Saturday, December 29, 2013:

Christmas break has been a blur of laying on the couch, sleeping, and food aversions. I cannot keep down any of the “pregnancy super foods” that websites suggest. Oh well! It’s difficult to believe that there is actually something in there, but then, I feel crappy again, and decide that it must be something.

Christmas was a bit busy. It was wonderful to spend time with Steve’s family on Christmas Eve, but it was at our house. Since his brother did not know we were pregnant, they couldn’t help out as much as we really needed. It took everything we had to get the house clean and most of the food made once school got out for the break. We had a blast with them, and it always a pleasure to see our nieces and to watch them grow.

We spent Christmas Day at my parents’ house sans my brother and sister-in-law who traveled to Santa Fe for the week. I couldn’t hold it in any more to tell my parents that we were expecting so we did it as soon as we got there. I think they may win for best reaction to the news. Mom sobbed and exclaimed, “I don’t need anything else, take it all back!”. Dad cried and said, “It’s a Christmas miracle”. We all cried, but now, I just laugh when I think about how cute they were. We gave them an ornament with Santa and his sleigh on it with the stork flying overhead. On the back it said something like “Santa’s not the only one coming to town this year”. We thought it was clever, and I cried when it came in the mail, so I knew it was perfect. We spent the rest of the day opening presents, eating, and spending some time with extended family. We have not told them yet, and I am holding off as long as possible. I am not ready for the inevitable intruding questions, commenting, or pregnancy/parenting advice.

On that same note, it’s amazing how many people want to try to share their stories or someone else's story with you. That’s all well and good, but some of them are miserable! I don’t want to hear about your friend who had 3 miscarriages or your delivery room horror story. Really? A newly pregnant woman does not need to hear these things, and every experience is different. Keep them to yourself, please! I am not affected by them, and I don't dwell on them at all, but it's just not appropriate. That is going to be one of my biggest pet peeves throughout this process…unsolicited advice/stories! I have decided that this process is kind of like a secret club. Women who find out you are pregnant just can’t wait to share “their story”; while some are sweet and mean well, many try to one-up each other like having the worst delivery story makes you some kind of superhero. This is not a secret club! Many women get pregnant, have complications, go on bed rest, and have issues during delivery. It’s NORMAL! You don’t get a medal or trophy at the end…you get a baby. Be grateful that you are blessed with that! Sorry, side note tirade complete. This will not be the last of it, I’m sure! We have amazing friends and family, but some women just think they are superior now that they've become mommies. PLEASE remind me of this if I ever remotely become like that...I cannot handle it!

That's about all for break...we're having Chinese new year (regular New year with a theme!) with friends in a couple of days, and I am looking forward to the pajama night we have planned to go with it!!!

SO tired!

December 15, 2012

I thought women were crazy and just used pregnancy as an excuse to not do anything...I have been wrong about a lot of things the last few weeks! I am EXHAUSTED!!! It does not help that I have been sick on top of it, so sometimes I do not know if I really am that tired or if this sickness is part of it too.

Before we left for our vacation, I visited my regular doctor and all went well. I see the OB this week for my first official appointment. I do not have my hopes up too high for getting a sonogram since it's supposed to just be a medical history and check-up. We'll see though...

We had to tell Steve's dad and the rest of the family on the Disney trip about being pregnant because I was limited in what I could ride and we did not want there to be any questions. We also do not want to lie about this either. If someone asks, I hope that we can be honest as long as things are going well. It was pretty cute when our nephew would ask why I wasn't riding something; we didn't want him to be afraid of any rides, so we just told him it was because of the baby. His mind couldn't completely understand that so he kept asking me if the baby was afraid of the ride!

It was definitely a magical moment to tell Steve's dad. We walked into Magic Kingdom about an hour after we arrived in Florida, and the location to see Mickey Mouse is to the right as soon as you walk into the park. We looked, and there was only a 5 minute wait. We went in, waited for 2 families in front of us, and then, the three of us took our picture with Mickey. Then, Steve asked if we could do one just us and if Mickey could hold something for us. His dad was so surprised!

I cried...that's why I don't look extremely happy in the picture! We took a ton of pictures, and Mickey asked for the sign so that he could write on it. We were probably in there for 10 minutes or more, and they didn't let any other families in with us. We could not have planned this any better.
Disney was really tough this time, and not because I was limited to what I could ride. I was so tired that I had to stop frequently to rest, pee, and drink water. I pushed it too much at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom a couple of days and I should have gone back mid-day to the hotel to rest. I needed a vacation from vacation when we got back.

I am very thankful that we had done almost all of our Christmas shopping prior to this trip because I could not fathom mustering the energy to do that now. I am still wondering how we are going to put Christmas Eve dinner together, but I suppose it will just happen. Hopefully, I will be over this sinus infection by then, and all will be good!

Now, we are just praying for positive news for these first few appointments, and that everything is okay, including the baby!

A New Adventure in the Game of Life

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well, I had an interesting evening on Friday, November 30th. Steve was out for the entire night to celebrate the birthday of one of our dearest friends. I knew I wanted to relax, watch a chick flick, and do some chores. Something told me to take a pregnancy test, so I did, and I still cannot say why. I have had a stash of the strips under the sink in our bathroom for quite some time now. They actually came as a "bonus" with the ovulation strips I ordered. I took the test, and it looked like it was a faulty one so I left it on the counter in the bathroom, did some laundry, and went back downstairs to hang out with Moses. Later, I went back upstairs around 8:30PM and saw that the test had actually finished...one dark line and one faint line. WHAT?!?! Knowing you should never trust results after the allotted time period, I took another test and paid closer attention to what I was doing. Within 2-3 minutes, I had the same result. Since these are just test strips and not clear pregnancy tests, I debated for about 5 minutes before I changed out of my pajamas and drove to CVS to get a digital test. I quickly drank a ton of water and tried again. Here's the result:

I ran the gamut of emotions immediately after! The test showed the result in less than a minute. I did not know how I would feel when this day finally came. Part of me really wished that Steve had been here, but then again, it also allowed me to have some processing time for myself. I cried immediately and prayed! I figured 3 positive pregnancy tests were fairly legitimate, and saved another one to take on Saturday (just to be completely sure)! Needless to say, I did not sleep much that night and I could not stop smiling.

This has been a long journey for us already. We have been trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half. While this does not sound like a ton of time, it is when you get your hopes up every month, have late periods, and then, discover nothing. After the first few months, I stopped keeping the real pregnancy tests in the house because I knew that I could be consumed over this. Once I did that, I gave this entire experience to Jesus, and I have actually been extremely calm and content. I think Steve has had a more difficult time, but we've had many honest discussions about the entire process and just knew that we were not in control.

When we first started, we were so naive to think it would happen right away. It was difficult to watch others become pregnant almost instantly and to watch friends, family, and coworkers seem to conceive so easily and to begin their families. After all of this, I can honestly say that I will try to never ask a couple when they "plan" to have a baby or tease anyone about when the "next one" is coming. We cannot even begin to tell you how insensitive people have been. They mean well, and they didn't know we were trying, so I guess we cannot really blame them. Now, I know how it feels when you are in the middle of this process and you hear for the billionth time things like, "when are you going to have a family?", "you're in your 30's now, it's about time to begin thinking about a family", etc... Please smack me if I ever say these kinds of things to anyone! You just never know what someone is going through behind closed doors!

This has definitely been a test of patience, as I am sure it will continue to be. I knew from the very beginning that I did not want to be tested to see if I could or couldn't get pregnant, I did not want to do any hormone treatments, and I did not want to do IVF or AI. I have been adamant since I was a teenager when I did a project on all of this in a class called Major Christian Issues. I do not judge the choices others make in regards to their own fertility, and I am elated for those who can wisely make those decisions. I just know that they are not what is best for me. We went to an adoption conference last year, and that is still something that is on both of our hearts; it is an extremely expensive process, but we know that if that's what God wants for our family that it will happen regardless!

Although you will be reading this post weeks after it has actually happened, please join us on this crazy journey through the game of life, a new life! Baby Ammann should be making an appearance sometime in August 2013!

Baby A

Well, we will be adding a peg to the car in our Game of Life! We don't know yet if it will be blue or pink, but we'll find out soon! Check out the posts above or below (I don't know where they'll end up) to view our journey during the first trimester.

I thought this comic was funny! It's SO true! No, we will not be having 5 either!