Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crazy busy!

I cannot even begin to think about everything that's been going on lately. It's been almost a month since our spring break, and every weekend has been full of things we didn't even plan on.

Spring break was filled with house projects, a ton of new curriculum, and spending time with family. Mom and I went shopping, and we got some amazing deals on clothes for baby girl! I thought that this new burst of energy was supposed to hit during the second trimester, but I'm almost to the third and have yet to see that!

We did a reveal cake for the extended family at Easter:
 Steve worked on the nursery and our office over break and got little Mo moved downstairs to the office. He doesn't seem to miss the other room and has adjusted perfectly to having his litter box in the office closet.
Right after spring break, we had some work done with the yard; Steve and a friend got the flower beds cleaned up and everything weeded and trimmed back. New mulch makes such a difference! I think he was glad to get out of the house in some warmer weather.
Spring break ended with the discovery that the dryer had died. This is the third time in five years that we've had issues with this dryer. It was not heating at all, so we ordered some parts, and it still didn't work. Then, we ordered some more parts, and it still didn't work. Steve has spent countless hours trying to fix it. We finally decided that we've put too much money into it already, and we broke down and bought a new one this week. We won't get it until next weekend, so we have one more weekend of having to inconvenience Steve's dad by doing laundry at his house.

School has been fairly busy too. I have finally finished mapping out the majority of the new curriculum for the rest of the year. I sent the last of the copies and my final exams off to print shop, and now I just have to sort all of the copies that came back this week. Then, I can focus on getting all of my maternity leave stuff in order over the last few weeks of the school year. We are in the full swing of paperwork for next year's National Honor Society candidates, and it makes me dizzy just looking at all of the selection materials for each kid. Graduation was announced, and now we are counting down the last of the days for the seniors. They currently have 20 school days left which includes their exams and their awards ceremony. Last night, we held the World Language Honor Society induction for all 4 languages at our school. Thankfully, I didn't have to put this one together, but I wanted to go to support my kids since all of the Spanish inductees were my current students. The night was brief, to the point, and now, it's over! I thought our cake was actually quite funny since it is for an honor society...clearly someone in our department has issues or someone at the bakery needs to read carefully. HAHA! This was my favorite part of the night...that and my kids from last year attempting to name our baby. That will have to do for another blog post though.

Hopefully, it won't be a month until my next post! By the next time, I hope we have a new dryer, a date for our nursery furniture delivery, and most (if not all) of baby girl's piles of clothes washed and ready to put away!

So there was this rug...

We have been looking for a rug for the nursery for awhile. Rugs are expensive!!! I did not want a plain color or something that screamed nursery either. I found a few rugs on the JCPenny website that seemed promising, and they were having a sale. I decided to order an 8X10 rectangular braided rug with blue, yellow, and green running through it. A week and a half later the following rug appeared on our doorstep:

Seriously? It is hideous for one, and two, it was only about 2X4 or so, like a kitchen rug. It came in a small bag, and Steve and I were hoping it would unroll to be bigger. No such luck, and not matching! We took it back to the store, and Steve called and yelled at them. The woman he spoke to (many times) was super sweet every time. They said they would send the new rug with rush delivery. Two or three days later, the same rug appeared!!! Steve called again and it turned out that the SKU number was incorrect in their system. When I ordered the rug originally, it never listed a size on the order. Apparently, the ugly black and multi-colored rug was the correct price, but the wrong size. What? We were not about to pay triple the price for the real rug we had ordered in the first place. Steve called yet again and refused to pay more. We basically got what should have been a $600 rug for a third of the cost!

Here's our new rug in the nursery...a little sneak preview picture...we are just waiting for the furniture to be delivered.

One more thing off of the checklist...