Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Growth Check!

Yesterday, we got to see baby girl at her growth check. I think we have another one next month too which is fun! I figured we would get new pictures, but we really just wanted to make sure she was healthy and on track with her growth...she is! She weighs a little over 2 1/2 pounds and is average size for right now. All of her organs look great too.

At the last growth check in March, she did not cooperate and would not budge. At this growth check, she would not stop moving! It was difficult to get all of the pictures that they needed. Apparently, most sonogram machines are also 3D, they just have to flip a switch or change the wand piece that they use. We are still hoping to go with my parents to have an official 3D sonogram, especially since she didn't really cooperate yesterday. We did get a few good shots though!
 You can just make out her eyes, nose, and mouth...a little creepy though!
 I love this one! You cannot see her mouth completely because the umbilical cord is in the way, and yes, that is her knee up by her chin!
 a new profile shot! It is pretty similar to the last one. I love her little nose.
Another great face shot if not for the umbilical cord.

It was great to see her on camera again yesterday and to see her move. At one point, we even got to watch her yawn. It was awesome! She kept moving her arms and feet up by her face, so I'm not sure they were able to capture everything, but they obtained the important parts. Now that we're in the third trimester, we have appointments regularly. Here's praying for continued good news and a positive end to the school year (17 more days)!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Disney Nursery

We finished the nursery this week when the furniture was delivered! YAY!
We wanted a chair that we could hopefully use later when it is not in the nursery anymore. It's so comfortable!
 It turned out pretty well! The furniture looks darker in the pictures, but it is actually cherry. Somehow, I missed getting pictures of the larger dresser/changing table...maybe next time.
I painted this a long time ago, but we are finally posting it for all to see. Before, it just seemed presumptuous! We know it's green, blue, and yellow and that we are having a girl. People can say what they will, but I did not want a pink or purple nursery.
She already has more toys than she needs! I'm sure that will only get worse the more we go to Disney World or Disneyland...or even the Disney Store!
Moses already tried to jump from the chair into her crib, but I caught him mid-jump. He has since been locked out and is only permitted in the room if we are in there. I do not want cat hair on her sheets or to have him rip our new chair to shreds.

It feels a bit more real now that we own a crib! I did not expect that! I guess now we are ready (at least physically) whenever she decides to make an appearance. Let's just hope she waits at least 8 more weeks!

For now, it's dinner and bedtime after a long day. More to come when we get more ultrasound pictures and updates!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello 3rd Trimester

Well, we are finally seeing the end in sight. It's difficult to imagine that baby girl will be here in about 12 weeks. Sleeping has not seemed to help the exhaustion factor, but I did just find out that I am extremely iron deficient! We'll see if a few weeks on an iron supplement will help coupled with a whole bunch of spinach.

I passed my glucose test, which I wasn't too sure about, but I guess I've been eating okay since I wasn't even near the high end. That test was disgusting! I feel so sorry for those who vomit, pass out, or have to do the 3-hour test if they don't pass. I don't ever want to drink that stuff again. I think the worst parts are not being able to drink any water for an hour and feeling like you got hit by a bus from the rush of sugar.

I just started wearing maternity clothes this week, well, the pants at least. My regular work pants still fit but they are a bit uncomfortable where the button sits. My jeans all still fit, which is a blessing, but sometimes I just want stretchy pants!!! Many of my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit, but maternity shirts are a bit more comfortable at times. I think I've gained 2 pounds so far, but added to all of the weight I lost, I'm still down about 19 pounds...depends on the day.

After getting a brand new dryer, I have successfully washed all of baby girl's clothes and put them in piles by size. She definitely does not need any newborn clothes and she is on her way to having more clothes than Steve and me combined!!! My grandparents bought her infant car seat and an extra base for Steve's car. I am very pleased with what we picked out for her. It's extremely easy to use and seems very comfortable. Even Moses likes it...
...not really, but I had to give it a whirl! He did not enjoy being strapped in! I am grateful for a plastic cat carrier that can be wiped down since our little furry friend gets car sick every time we take him in the car!

I am home today, which has been amazing because I have gotten done some laundry, lesson planning, grading, and just hanging out. I am also waiting for the nursery furniture too! Pictures to come soon!

We have many appointments in the next few weeks (all check-ups), but just keep praying for good news, strong growth, and lots of continued movement. We'll hopefully have some new pictures of her on Monday afternoon. Here's to the start of the last trimester and the end of the school year...19 more days of school after tomorrow! YAY!