Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Closer....Ahhhhh!!!!

I cannot believe that we only have 6 or 7 weeks left! What!?!?! School ended in a flurry, and we both got sick. I had (still kind of have) a sinus infection and an ear infection and Steve had something like hand, foot, and mouth with a severe sore throat and some congestion. What a way to end the year! To top it all off, after our first non-stress test (results were totally normal!), I was having contractions that I couldn't even feel every two minutes. We were admitted to labor and delivery at the hospital and spent a few hours being monitored. It was a bit scary until the doctor came and told us everything was fine. She seemed irritated that the doctor's office had sent us over there, but it was more precautionary than anything. They aren't sure why the contractions started, but they stopped! It could have been because I was sick, stressed from the end of the school year, or dehydrated...we'll never really know. We only got one new picture, but you can see her spiky hair off to the right. When the tech panned up later, you could see hair all over her head! I don't know how long she'll keep it, but we'll see.
We left later in the week (after another normal non-stress test) to go see our best friend, Lammy! We all just wanted to hang out and have some down time together before we have some insane times later this summer. We watched FRIENDS, went shopping, ate out, cooked out, made s'mores, and just chatted. His cute little dog, Oscar, was my BFF the whole time we were there. I'm seriously thinking there is something to animals recognizing pregnant women! He is normally super attached to Steve, but it was me this time! Who knows?
We ended the weekend celebrating a belated Father's Day with my dad, and the extended family was rather calm. I was surprised! I just had another non-stress test today, and I have another one on Thursday. Steve is writing curriculum all this week so we can put some money away for day care! We're hoping to put 2 or 3 months away up front so that we can stay ahead of it. We'll see how that goes! At the end of the week, my mom is throwing me a baby shower and we are hoping to go to the movies. Good times ahead for girl just needs to stay in there and stay healthy! Keep us in your prayers!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

School's out for summer!

School is OVER! I cannot believe that we are done. It does not feel real, and it was actually really sad to leave. I just stood and looked around my classroom for awhile before locking the door for the last time until November. I love that place and I cannot imagine not seeing all of the wonderful people that I work with on a daily basis. They truly are family, and I cannot picture my life without them. We had our last happy hour of the year on Thursday (sans alcohol for me and another friend who are preggo). We laughed a lot and had some fairly graphic conversations about women things that I think every guy in the bar was listening to! Oh well! It was a great way to end the year.
On Monday, my department (or I should say my school!) threw a baby shower for Steve and me. There were more than 30 people there including the woman who subs for me regularly, our former team leader, my favorite intern from a few years ago, and so many of my friends from other departments in the building. This is what I found hooked to my door the morning of:
I had no idea that they were going to do this! I also had no idea how many people would be there, and how overwhelming it would be. Three families of students that I both formerly taught and currently teach put together a huge diaper cake that had outfits, toys, safety items, toiletries, and feeding items attached to a TON of diapers. I was shocked to say the least, and I definitely cried! I was so touched by their generosity. During the shower we had tons of snacks and icecream cake (yum!). Everyone wrote us little notes on these cute little Disney onesies!
We opened presents for what seemed like forever, and it took me 4 hours to go through everything later to take off tags, unwrap everything, and organize it all. That didn't even include time for putting some items together or the 4 loads of laundry I did for blankets and clothes! Oh my gosh! It was nice to go through everything again because I felt like we didn't even know what our friends had gotten for us until we unwrapped in a second time! We were so blessed by these people! This is what our living room looked like for awhile:
Steve's school threw a shower for us on Thursday, and I couldn't go because it was our end of the year staff party. I'm glad that I stayed for that because more staff were leaving than I expected, and it was nice to say goodbye to them. Plus, I would have missed the last happy hour with my girls, and that would have been sad!

The real reason for week was for underclassmen exams, and those seemed to go well. I was just sick of the questions about grades. If you are scrambling at the last minute to earn a certain grade, that is not my problem! You should have worked harder the other three quarters to ensure that 4th quarter and the final exam were not going to dictate your final grade! It is not my fault if your final exam grade causes your final year grade to go down a whole letter had everything you needed to in order study! Sorry, side vent :) I've already gotten emails about their exam grades because they cannot see those...I'm not responding! They can wait until they get their report cards!

All in all, it was a wonderful last week of school. Hopefully, I'll have more pictures of the shower soon. This week we have more appointments, we're seeing old friends, and then, off to the beach! YAY!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

5 More Days!

I cannot believe that we only have 5 more days of school! As much as I am ready to not get up at 5AM every morning, I will miss many of my students this year. It's been a really good year with them, and I cannot imagine next year's group being remotely similar. I am pretty certain that I think that way every year, and then, I get another group of equally spectacular kids. It's very strange that I will leave on Friday and not return until November. I feel like I'm leaving my home for awhile! It's kind of bittersweet. I may not see some of the people that I love so dearly for months!

It's weird how differently people treat you when you are pregnant. I feel like people are careful what they say so that they don't upset me or that people who normally don't even talk to me go out of their way to be super sweet. Strangers seem drawn to the belly (thankfully not to least yet), and it seems to be a conversation starter. We have another growth check next week and my biweekly appointments will begin. After that, we are headed to the beach for a bit to hang out with friends, and then, Steve begins curriculum writing and tutoring.

It all feels like an unrealistic whirlwind. Now that the nursery is done, the school year is almost finished, and the appointments are becoming more frequent, it is all starting to feel very real. It has felt like it took forever to get to this point, but I know that it has been quick for others. Hopefully these last 5 days will go faster than last week! Here's to a positive, drama-free end to the school year!!!