Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Netflix Binge

Well, baby girl has not yet arrived, and we had a good report at the doctors on Monday. We'll see what tomorrow brings but hopefully, it will be good! Although we have many things we should do off of our to-do list (and we have done many), we decided to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Scandal. Seriously, this is the best show I have ever watched! It is definitely scandalous in many ways, but the characters are extremely well-developed and the plot is dynamic. If you have not seen this show, we highly recommend it!!! It is gruesome in some parts, a bit diabolical, and makes you question everything you've ever known about the media and politicians. The main character is a fixer, someone who makes others look good in the public image and seeks to find out the truth, potentially hiding it for the client. We watched the first 2 seasons in 4 days, and now, we are just waiting for season 3 at the beginning of October. Steve thinks we'll be a little bit busy between now and then, and that we might not notice the time...I think he's correct! We thought the last episode of season 2 was going to wrap up in a nice package and have some finality...the last 30 seconds changed EVERYTHING. Wow! I am now looking forward to the next season of this show more than anything else we watch on television.

Now, we are preparing for some company and finishing up the last items on our to-do list before baby girl arrives!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coming Early?!?!

We had our weekly Monday baby appointment yesterday. She is doing well, growing fine, and doing her practice breathing like a champ. She currently is estimated to weight 5 lbs. 14 oz. but it is not an accurate science. She is exactly on track where she should be. My amniotic fluid levels were low last week, and they had only gone up .2 this week. While the doctor wasn't extremely worried, she said if there is any change at all, we will be sent directly to the hospital. My next question was "do you think I'll make it to 40 weeks". She said "no", probably 37 or 38. Well, 37 is at the end of this week! Seriously??? Well, she's full-term, so it's not likely an issue, but emotionally it is. Everything will change for the rest of our lives! She might as well come now since I'm not going to sleep anyway until she makes her debut safely. Please pray for a safe delivery, whenever that happens as well as a healthy baby!

We did get some new pictures profile:
Scary 3D picture:
I know this is vain, but I am praying she's not ugly! This picture is not so flattering, and in all of her recent pictures her nose looks huge! No baby is cute for the first few days, but time will tell what she's really going to look like. I want to say that as long as she's healthy, we'll be happy, but a vain part of me wants her to be cute too. I know we'll love her no matter what, and we already do, but let's be real...there are some ugly babies out there!

The real waiting game/countdown has begun...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh crap!

What??? I have to give birth??? This thought has just recently hit me. I think that's why you get preoccupied with vomiting, nausea, sonograms, OB appointments, cute baby clothes, nursery decorations, and baby showers. This way, you don't think about the end! I think some of our baby classes and the hospital tour have put this in perspective this week. Everything is about to change, and I'm not ready!!!

The nursery is done, all 678 loads of laundry of her clothes, blankets, etc... are almost done, all closets and bins have been cleaned out, her infant items have all been put together and toddler items stored, the hospital bag is packed, and we ordered food from Let's Dish for August.

I need to curb my baby spending, but Zulily had TOMS on sale this week, so I ordered some tiny TOMS for my girl. I had quite a few others in my cart so I could choose later, but all of them were sold out by the time I got back to my cart (2 minutes later!). I still love these though! I have no idea when they will fit her, but she had to have some TOMS like me.
I also bought a shelf for her room that can grow with her. It has spots to hold earrings, necklaces, and tons of other accessories. Right now, it's holding her 4 pairs of shoes (all bought by my mom!) and all of her barrettes and headbands. I wanted to be able to grab a headband or barrette quickly while getting her ready and not have to dig through a drawer. I thought this was a good compromise!

Either way, this is how I have been keeping myself busy since there is not a ton I can do or want to do these days. The official countdown has begun...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Thank you!

Last Saturday, my mom threw a fabulous family baby shower for us. Although I hate being the center of attention in that way, it was low-key and nice to catch up with everyone. It was just small enough that I felt like I actually got to talk to every single person at the shower.

As usual, mom did not disappoint with decorating for the shower. There was pink (and black) everywhere!
 more on her name later :)
 tea party
 no space was left spared of the party theme

 fun glasses and straws
 party favors...foamy bath balls

We ate some tasty treats for lunch, and then, opened presents. We received a TON of beautiful items, lots of things we needed, and many sentimental things as well. This little one has quite the library already which we definitely appreciate!

My mom gave the sweetest gifts though. She had saved my coming home outfit, a few baby outfits, my first day of kindergarten outfit, and a few others. She had pictures of everything to go with it as well. She also passed on any book that had been given to me as a child, my baby book and all of the baby "firsts" book as well. It was the perfect combination of past and future! I hope that some of the outfits fit baby girl at some point, and that we can get some pictures!

The SUV was full on the way home, and thankfully, Steve unloaded all of it. It took 2 hours to show him everything and unwrap it all again. I had another 3 loads of laundry to do after all of that too! So far, all of her clothes are put away and she is pretty set for the first 6 months at least!

Tomorrow, we are going on a bit of a shopping spree at Babies 'R Us to use the gift cards we have received and purchase the rest of the items that are immediate needs that she will have. We are also hoping to install the car seat so that we can see how it all works! We have an appointment next week to have it inspected so that we will be ready at any point in the month in case she comes early. We are definitely in count down mode!