Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coming Early?!?!

We had our weekly Monday baby appointment yesterday. She is doing well, growing fine, and doing her practice breathing like a champ. She currently is estimated to weight 5 lbs. 14 oz. but it is not an accurate science. She is exactly on track where she should be. My amniotic fluid levels were low last week, and they had only gone up .2 this week. While the doctor wasn't extremely worried, she said if there is any change at all, we will be sent directly to the hospital. My next question was "do you think I'll make it to 40 weeks". She said "no", probably 37 or 38. Well, 37 is at the end of this week! Seriously??? Well, she's full-term, so it's not likely an issue, but emotionally it is. Everything will change for the rest of our lives! She might as well come now since I'm not going to sleep anyway until she makes her debut safely. Please pray for a safe delivery, whenever that happens as well as a healthy baby!

We did get some new pictures yesterday...new profile:
Scary 3D picture:
I know this is vain, but I am praying she's not ugly! This picture is not so flattering, and in all of her recent pictures her nose looks huge! No baby is cute for the first few days, but time will tell what she's really going to look like. I want to say that as long as she's healthy, we'll be happy, but a vain part of me wants her to be cute too. I know we'll love her no matter what, and we already do, but let's be real...there are some ugly babies out there!

The real waiting game/countdown has begun...

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