Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Netflix Binge

Well, baby girl has not yet arrived, and we had a good report at the doctors on Monday. We'll see what tomorrow brings but hopefully, it will be good! Although we have many things we should do off of our to-do list (and we have done many), we decided to watch seasons 1 and 2 of Scandal. Seriously, this is the best show I have ever watched! It is definitely scandalous in many ways, but the characters are extremely well-developed and the plot is dynamic. If you have not seen this show, we highly recommend it!!! It is gruesome in some parts, a bit diabolical, and makes you question everything you've ever known about the media and politicians. The main character is a fixer, someone who makes others look good in the public image and seeks to find out the truth, potentially hiding it for the client. We watched the first 2 seasons in 4 days, and now, we are just waiting for season 3 at the beginning of October. Steve thinks we'll be a little bit busy between now and then, and that we might not notice the time...I think he's correct! We thought the last episode of season 2 was going to wrap up in a nice package and have some finality...the last 30 seconds changed EVERYTHING. Wow! I am now looking forward to the next season of this show more than anything else we watch on television.

Now, we are preparing for some company and finishing up the last items on our to-do list before baby girl arrives!

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