Friday, July 12, 2013

Oh crap!

What??? I have to give birth??? This thought has just recently hit me. I think that's why you get preoccupied with vomiting, nausea, sonograms, OB appointments, cute baby clothes, nursery decorations, and baby showers. This way, you don't think about the end! I think some of our baby classes and the hospital tour have put this in perspective this week. Everything is about to change, and I'm not ready!!!

The nursery is done, all 678 loads of laundry of her clothes, blankets, etc... are almost done, all closets and bins have been cleaned out, her infant items have all been put together and toddler items stored, the hospital bag is packed, and we ordered food from Let's Dish for August.

I need to curb my baby spending, but Zulily had TOMS on sale this week, so I ordered some tiny TOMS for my girl. I had quite a few others in my cart so I could choose later, but all of them were sold out by the time I got back to my cart (2 minutes later!). I still love these though! I have no idea when they will fit her, but she had to have some TOMS like me.
I also bought a shelf for her room that can grow with her. It has spots to hold earrings, necklaces, and tons of other accessories. Right now, it's holding her 4 pairs of shoes (all bought by my mom!) and all of her barrettes and headbands. I wanted to be able to grab a headband or barrette quickly while getting her ready and not have to dig through a drawer. I thought this was a good compromise!

Either way, this is how I have been keeping myself busy since there is not a ton I can do or want to do these days. The official countdown has begun...

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