Friday, July 5, 2013

Thank you!

Last Saturday, my mom threw a fabulous family baby shower for us. Although I hate being the center of attention in that way, it was low-key and nice to catch up with everyone. It was just small enough that I felt like I actually got to talk to every single person at the shower.

As usual, mom did not disappoint with decorating for the shower. There was pink (and black) everywhere!
 more on her name later :)
 tea party
 no space was left spared of the party theme

 fun glasses and straws
 party favors...foamy bath balls

We ate some tasty treats for lunch, and then, opened presents. We received a TON of beautiful items, lots of things we needed, and many sentimental things as well. This little one has quite the library already which we definitely appreciate!

My mom gave the sweetest gifts though. She had saved my coming home outfit, a few baby outfits, my first day of kindergarten outfit, and a few others. She had pictures of everything to go with it as well. She also passed on any book that had been given to me as a child, my baby book and all of the baby "firsts" book as well. It was the perfect combination of past and future! I hope that some of the outfits fit baby girl at some point, and that we can get some pictures!

The SUV was full on the way home, and thankfully, Steve unloaded all of it. It took 2 hours to show him everything and unwrap it all again. I had another 3 loads of laundry to do after all of that too! So far, all of her clothes are put away and she is pretty set for the first 6 months at least!

Tomorrow, we are going on a bit of a shopping spree at Babies 'R Us to use the gift cards we have received and purchase the rest of the items that are immediate needs that she will have. We are also hoping to install the car seat so that we can see how it all works! We have an appointment next week to have it inspected so that we will be ready at any point in the month in case she comes early. We are definitely in count down mode!

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