Friday, August 2, 2013

No Room at the Inn baby surprise there since she's technically not due until next Saturday. We have been told since week 18 or 19 that we would probably be induced at 39 weeks since the doctors did not want my blood pressure to get high and then, later when my amniotic fluid levels decreased.

Fast forward to week 38 and we were told we would be induced 2 days ago. We were put on the list, told to call 1 hour ahead of time, and that we would start the process. We called about 5 different times that night and were told to keep calling back because the labor and delivery ward was full. They finally called us at about 8:30PM and told us to go to our regular appointment on Thursday and that I would be put on the schedule for Thursday night. Thankfully, the appointment the next day was extremely positive and everything still looks great with both the baby and me. I was not dilated at all on Monday, but Thursday was less than 1 cm...progress!

We were told to call an hour before the scheduled evening time for being induced again on Thursday, but we didn't even make it that far. They called us on Thursday night and said that they were slammed again with women in labor and emergencies so they could not start the process. We were told to call early the next day.

I called Friday morning and no one even knew about me! What!?!? I was a bit frustrated that I had to keep explaining what was going on (none of it being my fault!). I was told to call back again 2 hours later and I finally got a hold of someone competent. I still had to wait another 30 minutes while the doctors were switching shifts and then, I got a return phone call. I guess they can already tell how busy they are going to be today because I am now on the schedule for Saturday night. We still have to call an hour ahead of time to make sure they have space, but apparently, I am now a priority since I've already been bumped all of these times. Who knows what that means? I guess I could still go into labor on my own, they could still have a full ward of women who are actually in labor, or they could just keep screwing around with us. I am not expecting anything anymore.

We can only hope the labor, delivery, and recovery stages will be more positive. Our experience with the doctors in this practice has been fabulous, but if we do not have good hospital care, I may look into switching!

Hopefully, the next blog post will include baby pictures, but time will tell. We could end up waiting until I actually go into labor and delivering on or after my actual due date! Needless to say, it's been an emotional roller coaster this week! Wednesday was definitely the most difficult because we expected to go in and get this started. I thought I'd be seeing my little girl by now. The reality check has set in, and it is just one more reminder that I am not in control of any part of this entire situation...or my life in general. Thanks God for that wake-up call!

In the meantime, enjoy my little Mo...yes, that is his entire head down in Steve's water glass. He really has no idea what is coming or what is in store for him in the next few weeks :)

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