Monday, August 12, 2013

Olivia Renée

Olivia Renée was a difficult decision for us. We have always known middle names for our children based on the middle names that have been passed down to us. Choosing her first name was a challenge. Since we are both teachers, it took quite some time to pick something that did not have a negative connotation associated with a former or current student. We never agreed on a boy's name, which was probably just as well since we didn't need one! We thought we had chosen a name, but then, a coworker used it for one of her pets and she talks about her all of the time. I know we still could have used the name, but once we settled on Olivia, it just fit. I don't know if she'll have any nicknames yet, but I've been calling her Little O since we chose it. 

She is starting to settle in, but we know that could really take weeks. We have had a couple of terrible nights at home and a few great ones as well. She'll get to a routine, but that could take weeks too. We are doing our best to rest, be patient, and just enjoy this time with her. Thankfully, Steve is off from work until early September, so it gives us time to just be a family of 4 (including Mo of course)! 

For now, it's lots of feedings, naps, diaper changes, adorable outfits, and watching her various expressions. It's definitely going to be a journey, but we are ready and we have God who is bigger than all of it!

2 days old
little piggies
meeting Mo for the first time
getting ready for bed...her head looks huge at this angle!
if she could get her fingers in her mouth for every feeding and with every pacifier, she'd be one happy baby!
say what? her faces are too funny!
Join us on this crazy journey! Stay tuned for updates, more cuteness, and I'm sure anecdotes as we attempt to be parents for the first time. Here's to a new and hopefully exciting life change! Welcome to the world my little O!

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