Monday, August 12, 2013


I finally have my body back to myself, well, mostly...breast feeding is a whole other story (in a fun way)! I cannot say that I had a terrible pregnancy. Other than vomiting for 18 weeks, I had a healthy and easy pregnancy. All of the tests, sonograms, and doctors appointments at the end were solely precautionary. Now that I am not pregnant, I am already down from my pre-pregnancy weight and I can wear all of my regular clothes again. Pregnancy yoga pants are still pretty amazing though!!!

I had zero swelling during pregnancy, but thanks to IV fluids and 2 failed epidurals, I now I have hugely swollen feet, ankles, and calves. I cannot wear any shoes except for flip flops, and my feet just feel stretched and gross. I cannot wait for this part to go away! Other than this, I am just tired. I am trying to sleep as much and as often as possible, but that is not easy with a baby who doesn't understand what her schedule should be yet. We are getting there though!

I feel blessed that I did not gain any weight and that watching what I ate really paid off. I'm hoping to continue losing weight, but my focus at the moment is just on Olivia and her needs and health. The rest will come in due time!

I wish I had a cute picture of O and I to post, but we have zero pictures together yet. We have a photo shoot coming up in the next couple of weeks so I know that we will have some good photos from that (thanks mom and dad)! More to come at a later date :)

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