Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Few Truths

  • I'm SO freakin' tired
  • my house is dirty
  • my baby is beautiful! don't believe me? see below!
  • Moses wants to return her
  • most of the time I love her more than anything, but there are some moments that I want to return her too
  • I only get to breast feed, declutter my house, and maybe do some laundry each day
  • I miss my job and my coworkers
  • I'm sad that I missed the first day of school
  • breastfeeding and pumping literally control everything I get to do in a day; if I go anywhere during the day, I don't get to pump and my supply for back-to-work is jeopardized
  • I'm down 25 lbs. pre-pregnancy and have already had to buy new pants
  • I still have 9 weeks left, but I already don't want to leave her when I go back to work
  • my husband is AMAZING and does absolutely everything that I can't get to, but I worry how anything will get done when he goes back to work
  • have I said that I miss my coworkers? oh yeah, I'll say it again!

That's enough for now, time to eat dinner (hopefully, while it's hot) and maybe squeeze in a nap before she's awake again! For now, here's some pics until the next blog post...

Moses spends every feeding in the nursery with me...he's SO tired
my cute little naked baby!
learning new things on her Nemo play gym

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