Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Almost 2 months...what?!?!

I haven't posted in a bit because we are starting to get on an actual schedule! I cannot believe that Olivia is almost 2 months old. Where did this time go? She is starting to be less of a "lump" and more of her personality is shining through.

She smiled for the first time at 5 weeks. It was pure perfection! She was only smiling during the middle of the night feedings at first, but now, she typically smiles at everyone all times of the day! 
 Moses joins us for many feedings, especially when Steve isn't around and Mo is lacking attention. He paws his way up to her recliner and joins us on the boppy. Olivia hasn't really noticed him yet...he should enjoy that while that's the case!
 Olivia hung out with Uncle Nick last week and sported her "My Uncle Rocks" bib for him. School of Rock really should consider getting some of these! I think he liked it too.
 Olivia also met her Great Great Aunt Rosie from Florida. She seemed to like her immensely. I think it's mostly the stark contrast between her skin and her jet black hair! HAHA!
 We also went to Mt. Hebron for a baby shower and some Homecoming festivities last week. She was all smiles (for the most part) and seemed to enjoy being passed around by various people! I loved seeing my friends and enjoying my former students.
 This week, we are mostly hanging out around the house, doing some cleaning and laundry, and just enjoying our time together. Hopefully, we will be hanging out with gramma and gramps later in the week or the weekend.

I have not encountered too much of the following yet, but this is how I feel about parenting advice from other people...thanks Grumpy Cat!
Hopefully, we'll be back with a 2-month post next week, but time will tell! Next month is baby proof the house for our nanny and Olivia's 10 month old buddy and get ready for going back to work (boo!).

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