Monday, September 9, 2013

Photo Shoot & 1 Month

Little miss O had her first professional photo shoot last week. You can see the sneak peek pictures on Stevie's Blog here

All in the same week, Olivia had many firsts. Her biggest one was her first real bath...

she wasn't too sure at first but didn't cry
in the end, she loved it! She loves having her hair washed!
 Olivia also met her cousins, Jordyn and Chloe this week. Although Jordyn cannot talk yet, Chloe calls her baby 'Livia. She could not wait to meet her! We had a great time with them and know that they will be good friends.
 Little O is growing bigger by the day and becoming more expressive. Her personality is starting to show through, and she makes it very clear when we aren't doing something fast enough or she wants something.
 While she spent a large amount of time sleeping the first few weeks, the naps are fewer now, sometimes the feedings are more regular, and the nighttime has gotten a lot better! We are getting anywhere between 4-6 hours for the first stretch now. We don't feel quite human yet, but we are getting there.
she has already grown out of all of her newborn pjs
 Later in the week, Olivia turned one month old! Where did that month go? Do I want to do it over again...heck no! We took some one-month photos, but those did not go so well. She has been really clingy the past few days and wants to eat ALL of the time. Maybe next month will be better!
many people are saying she doesn't like Disney...lies!
so upset!
 For now, we are trying to survive each day as Steve goes back to work and somehow manage to eat a couple of meals each day, do some laundry, and check one thing off of the to-do list. So far, cleaning is not on that list! It will happen...maybe. Here's one last cute pic of my girl:

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